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My name is Kim Maxwell.

I am the founder of Heart and Lotus Jewelry.

As a young girl I loved making jewelry. I’d while away the hours stringing beads and weaving friendship bracelets. Even then I deeply appreciated the texture and colour of the materials I worked with. I had an eye for detail and I loved doing anything creative. I never grew out of it.

In 1998, I was inspired by an artisan I met at an outdoor market who was selling beautiful silver wire bracelets with cats eye beads. Up until that point I hadn’t considered selling my designs but in that moment I decided that I was going to pursue a career in jewelry making. I went home, bought wire, some beads and taught myself how to make wire wrap jewelry.

I started a business called Ragged Designs. This led to what was to become a 22 year (and counting!) jewelry design business. For over 15 years I continued to hand make jewelry and sell it at Farmers markets, Music festivals, Trade shows, stores and galleries across Canada

In 2011, I retired from the craft fair/festival circuit. I was burnt out and feeling uninspired. I took a break from jewelry making and went on to pursue other passions. I dove into the healing arts and went on to become a Yoga teacher, Reiki Practitioner and eventually an Energy Healer and Intuitive Coach.

In 2013, I was inspired to start designing jewelry again but this time I wanted it to have more meaning. My designs needed to have purpose and help others.

So Heart and Lotus Jewelry was born.

It was the perfect way to blend my creative passion with inspiration from the healing modalities and Spiritual teachings which were now the cornerstone of my life.

I partnered up with a beautiful team of artisans in Northern India who agreed to craft my designs. I also joined forces with my husband Chris, who took on the sales side of the business and added Heart and Lotus to his existing product lines.

Today, we have 3 distinct lines of jewelry and to date have sold to over 150 stores across Canada and the US.

My mission is to design beautiful jewelry that will help you rise.

Our collections are mindfully designed with purpose, intention, and love for women on her life’s journey.

With love,



Heart and Lotus is dedicated to creating beautiful feel good Jewelry.
Our jewelry is designed to UPLIFT, INSPIRE and EMPOWER others.