Tourmaline Dream ~ Pendant



Gorgeous faceted multi-coloured tourmaline stones adorn this standout piece.  Tourmaline is a powerful stone, full of potent healing properties. It clears negative energy and transforms it into positive energy that nurtures your body, mind and spirit. 

Green tourmaline : Boosts vitality, strength, stamina and courage. It also aids in healing the physical heart and boosting the immune system. Helps to reduce fear and to quiet the mind. 

Pink Tourmaline: Fosters love and compassion and helps us stay grounded and calm in times of change and growth. It helps us to live from the heart and reminds us to love ourselves more.*

Affirmation: “I move through life with grace and ease.”

Information & Sizes:
.925 sterling silver
50mm W x 40mm

Due to the nature of the stones the colours may vary slightly from what’s shown in the photo. 

*Stone healing information is provided as guidance only. It is not intended for, and  should not be taken as, or in lieu of, professional medical advice or any professional medical service. Gemstones are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent illness or disease.