Each Heart and Lotus piece is stamped .925.

What does that mean?

A .925 (or 925.) stamp means that 92.5% of the metal alloy is pure silver and 7.5% is a different metal.

925. or .925 indicates the highest grade of sterling silver product available. "Real silver" in fine jewelry's truest sense.

Silver in its pure form is so soft, molding it successfully into rings, pendants and other wearable jewelry designed to maintain shape is extremely difficult. Other materials, like copper and nickel are often added to make the silver more durable and strong*. Nickel, a commonly used alloy (and the least expensive), is an allergen that may cause skin irritation.

All Heart and Lotus pieces are 100% nickel free and hypoallergenic.

Because we want only the best for you.

We use only real silver of exceptional quality.

Because we want you HAPPY.

And because we love offering SUPERB jewelry that looks great, feels great and is great…right down to the last detail and alloy.



*Heart and Lotus uses copper to strengthen our sterling silver pieces