Balance. Restore.Heal.

Are you ready to experience a safe, gentle and profound healing modality that helps to balance your entire system, mentally, physically, energetically, emotionally and spiritually?

Benefits of Energy Healing:

strengthens the immune system

improves sleep

relieves pain

reduces anxiety

releases blocked and suppressed emotions

helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and restore response)

accelerates the body’s innate healing abilities

compliments all other forms of healing

deeply effective and used in major hospitals all over the world

incredibly relaxing, rejuvenating, peaceful and calming

Energy healing is a form of self LOVE.

You don’t have to believe in, understand, or be spiritual to benefit from energy healing. Just come with an open mind and a willingness to heal!

Kim is a Certified Reiki* practitioner, Certified Yoga teacher, and Certified Intuitive Coach and effortlessly blends these modalities to offer a unique synergy that creates a powerful shift on all levels.


Last night I experienced a virtual appointment with Kim. It was truly beautiful. The energy flowed through my body in the way that it needed to, and the sensations were as real as if she was stood beside me, despite us being thousands of miles apart...” - Joanne, Fertility Coach


About your session: 

Clients are fully clothed and generally laying down either on a treatment couch or a yoga mat. Sessions vary depending on the needs of the individual but will include hands either being placed on or slightly above various parts body and are held for 3-5 minutes. The session may also include gentle restorative yoga postures in order to facilitate the movement of energy and deeper healing. Clients are given the option of receiving the gift of clear and concise intuitive insights delivered by Kim throughout the treatment (if desired).  A “Heart Work” email follows each visit, which contans valuable, personalized information pertaining to each individual experience such as: Customized positive affirmations, Power words, self-care recommendations and suggested yoga poses.


One on one sessions are offered via Skype, phone or in person. 

Energy healing is just as effective remotely as it is in person. 


Individual Sessions: $90.00 (60-75 min)

Connect with Kim here to book a session.

I look forward to supporting you on your healing journey!


*Reiki is a very powerful form of energy healing. It originated in Japan in the late 1800’s with a man named Mikao Usui


“Kim’s distance healing session had a profound effect on me.  I reached out when I was in a dark place of pain and suffering.   The pressure in my head was unmanageable.  With in 30 min the pressure decreased and shifted.  The headache / pressure in my head didn’t go away completely but it shifted so that I could get out of bed and function, which was exactly what I needed in that moment (after 5 days in bed with a migraine).  The really cool thing was later that night I felt like I was still experiencing shifts from our session.   I did go to bed at 7 pm, but I had the best sleep ever!  And woke up symptom free the next day.  I am still in awe and extremely grateful for this experience with Kim.” - K. Shuttleworth, Intuitive Healer & Coach


“Kim is extraordinarily intuitive. In my session, she quickly identified deeply rooted areas of struggle, shed light on them, and resolved these longstanding blocks. I was amazed. I feel lighter, happier and overall, free. She is a powerful healer. Yet, almost paradoxically, she is gentle and humble. A feeling of safety was pervasive throughout the session, which was reassuring and made all processes come easily. I would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking healing. She is a true gift to the world and I feel blessed to have found her.”

- Amy, Author

Connect with Kim here to book a session.