I’ve always been a seeker. Seeking approval. Seeking meaningful relationships. Seeking success. Seeking love. Seeking freedom. Over time I found and accomplished many of those things but it seemed the more I accomplished, the more I’d continue to seek.  It was never enough because deep down I believed I wasn’t enough. 

 On the outside I looked like I was really happy. I even believed it myself for a while. I had completely normalized the anxiety that was lurking under the surface. I was a master at distracting myself with things such as overeating and keeping busy.  

There came a point in my life when I found the underlying unhappiness became impossible to ignore and I decided that it was time for this to shift.

I remember the moment so clearly. I was on my back deck enjoying a beautiful mountain sunset and at the same time I felt that familiar undercurrent of anxiety.

I surrendered and shifted my energy from a “desperate seeking” to a desire to know Truth of who I am and why I am here. Out of nowhere, from deep within, the words blurted out my mouth  “I want to know God!”

This startled me. It was a very interesting choice of words as I had always been triggered by the “G” word. I let go of my fears around the word and became deeply curious. I softened and a door opened in my heart. In that moment my life was forever changed.  

I became a seeker of Truth. 

Many teachers began showing up for me around that time including Dr. Wayne Dyer, Echkart Tolle, and Marianne Williamson. I also began to dive deeper into my yoga practice and became a certified Yoga Teacher.

I began to see that what I had been looking for was within me all along. What I was seeking was seeking me. I yearned to feel a deep connection to my sense of Self and I found it!

 In 2011, I met Sue Dumais, who became my spiritual teacher, coach and mentor. This is when I truly began to heal and trust my heart to lead me. It is the greatest gift I have ever received.  Through this I found the place within me that knows true joy and peace.

I learned to embrace my gifts as an Energy Healer, Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Coach, Yoga Teacher and Jewelry Designer. All of these elements have organically evolved together creating a beautiful synergy and unique healing experience.

I feel best when I am being of service to others and helping people navigate their way back to their own heart, their own Truth, their connection to their deepest Self.