Welcome to the Affirmation Vault, a collection of powerful affirmations to help shift your thoughts and change your life. Our collections are specially designed to enrich your affirmation practice, but affirmations are effective on their own too, anyplace, anytime.

 Tips for success with affirmations:

Choose your affirmations carefully. The ones that resonate, that illicit a strong, positive reaction, that feel like a "YES!" are the right ones for you. On some level you must believe the words you're saying in order for the affirmation to be effective.

Practice, persistence and commitment are key.

Write your affirmations down. Place them around your home. Say them often and make them a part of your daily routine. Before bed, when you wake up and especially when you find yourself slipping into habits that don't serve you.

Wear an affirmation “trigger”, something that reminds you to tap into your positive affirmations throughout the day. Many Heart and Lotus pieces are designed to work with, and enhance, a practice of positive affirmations. (Specific pieces are linked, below).


 For Happiness  
~ All is well. 
I follow my bliss.
Keeping in alignment with love is my only goal.
I am pure potential.
~ I give love and love flows back to me 100 times over.
For Vibrant Health
~ I am in vibrant health.
~ I have the power to heal and change.
~I am open to healing every aspect of my being.
For Money & Financial Abundance
 ~ I am abundance.
~ Success is me.
~I am willing to be open to the unlimited prosperity that exists everywhere.
~I am open to receive all of the love and abundance in the universe.
~I love money and money loves me.
~I am wealthy.
 For Strength and Courage   
~Today, I play BIG.
~ I am fearless and unstoppable.
~ I am unstoppable.
I am stronger than I think.
~ I have within me all that I need to fly high in my life.
 For Challenging Moments
I do not have all the answers and that's ok. I know they'll come to me when the time is right.
~ I do not have the answer, but I am willing, open and curious.
~ I am living in divine timing.
~This too shall pass.
~ I am calm and grace.
~Everything is unfolding perfectly.  
~I trust in life.
~I trust that life is supporting me
 For Being Present 
I choose to be present, right here, right now.
~ I choose to experience this moment, fully.
~ I release the past, the future, and I allow the now.
~ I allow for peace as I experience the present.
~ I let go of the need to know what happens next.
~ I am living in divine timing.
 ~Only good things come to me.   
For Following Your Dreams
~I follow my hearts guidance with trust.
~ I am moving in the direction of my dreams.
~Today is the perfect day to start living my dreams.
~ I am confident following my heart and fulfilling my dreams.
~ I have everything I need right now to flourish in this life.
~If not now, when?
 For Self Love & Worth
~ I am irreplaceable in the eyes of the universe.  No one else can fill my part of it.
~ I am a confident, kind, loving person that others enjoy being around.
~ I accept and love myself for who I am.
~ I am a magnificent child of the Universe.
~ I am enough. Always have been, always will be.
~Today, I expand in the beauty of who I am. As I let my own light shine, I inspire others to do the same.
~ I am enough.
~ I am complete.
~ I do my best and that is enough.
~When I follow my heart I am honoring myself.
~ I treat myself and others with love and kindness.
 Owning Your Power 
~ I am here to shine.  
~ I create my own story.
~ I am willing to change my story.
~Today, I expand in the beauty of who I am. As I let my own light shine, I inspire others to do the same.
~Everything I need is inside.
~ I am grateful for the unlimited potential of joy within. 
~ I have come so far and I am proud of myself.
~Today is a great day.
~ I begin each day with a grateful heart.
~ I experience gratitude daily.
~ The more gratitude I express the more reasons I have to be grateful.


"Every affirmation is a kind of signpost that points you in the right direction." Echart Tolle