Choose Love ~ Mala By Sue Dumais

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In Collaboration with Sue Dumais we have created the Choose Love Mala to inspire you to lead with your heart.

"In every moment, we have two choices. We are either choosing love or choosing fear. Love is the soft voice of our intuition guiding us in each moment. When we choose love, we are making a choice to follow our heart and align with our inner guide. The energy of love is pure, perfect, and powerfully healing. The choice for love is available to everyone. The question is what will you choose? Use this mala to remind you to choose love. It can also help heal your relationship with fear and align fully with love." - Sue 

Mantras: "I choose love because I am love." 

"I am wide open to a loving perspective. I choose to see through the lens of love"

"Please change me into someone who aligns fully with love and only love."

The Flower of life is a symbol that helps us to overcome fear, assists in connecting to the higher self and is seen as a pathway to enlightenment.  It is a visual expression of the connectedness of life that runs through all beings.

Stones: Rose Quartz, a gentle yet powerful stone that emanates unconditional love and nurturing. It can help us open and receive love from ourselves and others.  This stone also teaches forgiveness and tolerance. Rainbow Moonstone embodies the energy of the divine feminine.  It helps to balance ourselves, is soothing in nature and enhances our intuition. Rudraksha beads symbolize peace and love.

Information & Sizes:
.925 sterling silver
34" L (approx)