Are you willing to change?

Enjoying the intoxicating scent of wild lilacs the other day (I can’t walk by them without stopping to enjoying their fragrance:) I noticed one of the most amazing butterflies I’ve ever seen.
I stood in awe.
That butterfly felt like a gift, just for me.
I spent a long time enjoying her presence.  I wondered about her life before she had wings.  As a caterpillar, did she notice butterflies?  Know she was one of them? Did she know she had what it would take, within her, to fly? Or did she just follow a little niggling inside, create her cocoon without any idea why, only to wake with the most beautiful wings?
When we are open and willing to change, our own wings begin to grow.

We don’t have to understand why, or know what we’re going to become. When we trust, fully, in the process of life, we begin to understand that everything is always working for our highest good.When we break free from our cocoons, we transform into the fullest expression of ourselves.  The person we came here to be. 
Fully alive and free.
We recognize the miracles we are, spread our magnificent wings and fly into the sunshine.  
May you trust in your unlimited potential.
May you know, you possess all you need to fly.
May you be willing to change into the highest and best version of yourself, and revel in all you are meant to be.
In joy,

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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