The JOY of being.

Right here. Right now. 

That's my three year old niece, Izzy in the photo. One of the happiest people I know. 
She doesn't look outside of herself for happiness. For her, it’s a way of life. The key? 

Izzy lives in the present moment.

And that, my friend – the present, right here, right now - is where all happiness lies. 

When we’re fully present, we’re calm, clear, grounded….It feels so good!

How much time do you spend time reliving the past or worrying about the future? The strain of not being present in our lives can feel stressful, unpleasant and get in the way of being our happiest selves.

The "now" is all there truly is.

In not being consciously present, we miss out on so much. And while it's a tall order to be present in every single moment, these four ways are a great start:
4 Ways to Experience the JOY of Being
1. Connect to your breath. Close your eyes. Listen to your breath.  Begin to count: Each inhale and exhale equals one.  Count up to ten. If you loose track, start back at one. Staying focused on your breath is a powerful way to stay in the now.

2. Tune into your body.  Sit in a chair or lie down. Close your eyes and scan your body from your feet, up. Feel each part of your body with your mind as you go.  Say the parts in your mind..."I feel my feet, my ankles, my calves....” etc. all the way up to the top of your head. 

3. Tune into your senses.  Look at your surroundings. Smell the air. Feel your clothes. Listen to the sounds around you. Be aware. I often do this when I'm walking. It helps connect me to wherever I am, and appreciate it all so much more.

4. Affirmations.  Affirm you way back into the moment!  Use your favourite affirmations to bring yourself into the now. When you find yourself drifting, simply say, out loud,  "I choose to be present right here, right now" or "I choose to experience this moment, fully". Simple. Powerful. Try it! (For more on affirmations click .)
BE Present. BE Happy. 
With gratitude,
 ~choose happiness~

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August 01, 2015 — Kim Maxwell

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